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Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer Lovin'

In lieu of a recipe, here are just a few of my favourite things, this changeable July:

  • Bright, ruby red nail varnish.
  • Indoor summer picnics when the weather fails us. Sitting on a slightly bobbly rug with friends scooping baked camembert out of its own creamy skin with hunks of warm baguette.
  • Dancing round the kitchen listening to my ipod. Tunes on repeat currently are: Lissie with Cuckoo, Eric Hutchinson with Rock and Roll, Regina Spektor with The Calculation and my old favourite-for-all-seasons, the very wonderful Delays with Hooray and The Lost Estate. These in particular are sunshine in a jar. Put them on loud and blow raspberries at the summer rain. Not to lower the tone or take away from their stunning music, but those Delays boys are pretty easy on the eye too *just saying*.
  • The fact that British-grown tomatoes are now easily get-at-able. Proper tomatoey tomatoes that smell like vines and greenhouses and the promise of a great gazpacho.
  • Seeing pictures of various friends and acquaintances pop up on Facebook looking beautiful as wedding season begins, and the pretty invitations that have started to come through my letterbox. Bring on the Indian summer weekends and weddings. Can't wait!
  • Finally discovering the perfect ratio of sugar to fruit to liquid to make a lovely, sweet, thick crust for my fruit drizzle cakes. Plums done. Nectarines next. Recipe to come before the summer's out. Shout at me if I forget.
Tell me your favourite summer things, foodie or not. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens permissible, but discouraged!

Jen x

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