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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I had long wondered how to make crumpets (particularly how to get those little holes in) so I was very happy a few months ago when I stumbled over this article from Hugh.

I'm going to be honest here, I copied the recipe to the letter and it worked brilliantly so I won't re-write it out in this post, but suggest instead that you follow his wise words. I have taken a few pictures of the process though, which will hopefully inspire some of you to try this for yourselves.

The recipe uses an active batter which personally I found fascinating to watch (but I can appreciate that others might think differently), it's just so obviously alive!  Once mixed, the yeast, flour, milk and water are left for a couple of hours until the yeast is visibly active.

The mixture is then boosted with baking powder, and salt is added, before pouring into the pancake rings on the bottom of a hot pan.

Watching the batter cook is just one of those immensely satisfying experiences, a bit like watching a cake rise, or a risotto come together - culinary alchemy.

The thick bubbly soup becomes recognisably crumpet-like in texture as it cooks through and the top dries out. If, as mine was, the mix is too stiff, a bit more water added to the batter seems to help the bubbles rise and form an open structure.

The crumpet is then tipped out of the ring and the top is browned off.

It becomes quite easy to set up a production line and before long you will have a pile of lovely fresh crumpets. Granted, it will take a little while to complete this recipe (took me 3 hours flour to crumpet, requiring my attention for 45 minutes...) but I am so glad I did. The crumpet fresh from the pan, slathered in butter is a thing of beauty. Toasted crumpets do not compare, who knew?

If I'm honest, once cooled and then toasted, the home-made versions aren't a huge improvement on the shop bought ones but you will have the satisfaction of giving Warburtons a run for their money.

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