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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bacon vodka...

Hi this is a really quick post to let you know about the first stage of a new jelly project.

The Bompas and Parr Jelly book previously mentioned has lots of great stuff in it, but naturally it was the bacon and cola jelly that really drew my attention. First step is to create bacon vodka, this is achieved through a process called "fat washing". There's an interesting thread on the possibilities of this technique here, apparently it takes at least two weeks so watch this space...

For efficiency, make this while cooking a bacon sandwich.  

200g Bacon (smoked and streaky)
200ml Vodka


  1. Fry the bacon.
  2. Transfer to a Tupperware container.
  3. Pour over the vodka, close the container and leave in a dark cupboard for two weeks.
  4. To be continued....
There are no pictures - it looks vile.

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